Events & Outreach

After 6 years in the making, with many hours of prayer & preparation, Josh Donnell’s Debut Album “Limitless” is now available. Come share in the fun.

Tuesday June 12th @ 7:30 in KENT at Calvary Chapel South on Tuesday June 12th @ 7:30. The Cost is $10 which includes the CD, Concert, Pictures and Signing at the End with Special Guests, International Artists, Evangelists, & many more. Bring your friends, family & those that are off the streets who NEED the LOVE of CHRIST, as JESUS stated: “COME “ALL” who are weary & Heavy Laden & I will give you rest!” I am EXCITED to serve alongside you guys for ETERNITY, & now, as no distance separates, as GOD’S WORD states in John 4: “We are together in Spirit & Truth”! Help Spread the WORD, because this not just another Concert but will be “FILLED w/ the WORD” which NEVER RETURNS VOID!! ><> ><> ><> Fish for God’s Truth, His Word & HIS PEOPLE!!! Matt 4:19 “Be Fishers of MEN”. See you soon, Gone FISHING!! ><> ><> ><>

Upcoming Events:
ARIZONA: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Shiloh Christian Ministries​- 1519 Avenida Del Sol, Sierra Vista


Limitless is now available!